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Lives in São Paulo, Brasil. Nope. Speaks Portuguese, english and a little bit spanish. But, c'mon, Google Translator is right there.

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System Of A Down - Kill Rock N’ Roll

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Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

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System of a Down - Soldier Side

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Foo Fighters - Ain’t It The Life

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Hollywood Undead - Coming Back Down

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Emarosa - Share the Sunshine Young Blood

This song always get me “up”.

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Now THAT’S music.

Yanni - Nostalgia 

Had to post this again.

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Now THAT’S music.

Yanni - Nostalgia 

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the GazettE - Cassis

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Hi. So… I was jamming around in Mixcraft 5.2 and I made this song.

It would mean a lot to me if someone actually hear it :3

Thales - Nameless Song. 

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Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 In C Sharp Minor

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Música nova do @Emicida. “Viva”, (Feat. Rael Da Rima, Produzida por Beatnick e K-Salaam)

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Hollywood Undead - SCAVA

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Dredg - Sang Real

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Dredg - Quotes

Amazing and unknown band!

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Thales Ribeiro. 19. Brazil. Mostly music.