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E eu só queria te fazer sorrir ou então aprender a desistir.

Emicida - Sei Lá…
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Clareza na idéia, pureza no coração
Sentimento como guia, honestidade como religião.

Emicida - A Cada Vento
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Where were we? Standing out in the streets
We fear all of this, we fear all of this.

Josh Krajcik Band - The Harrowing
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I reach towards the sky
I’ve said my goodbyes
My heart’s always with you, now

Avenged Sevenfold - Gunslinger
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So glad we’ve almost made it
So sad they had to fade it

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

And it’s the stars that shine for you
And it’s the stars that lie to you.

Stone Sour - Through Glass
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Tô vendo gente viver, merecendo morrer
Tô vendo gente morrer, merecendo morrer outra vez
Embora eu saiba que é dificil pra família,
Merecendo viver mesmo, ai, só uns 2 ou 3

Rashid - Vou Ser Mais
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The sweet piano writing down my life

Nightwish - Dead Boy’s Poem
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Hasten to drown into beautiful eyes.

Nightwish - Dead Boy’s Poem
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Collect all your questions
‘Cause this time we have all night

Two Door Cinema Club - Cigarettes in the Theatre

It’s what you get when you try to educate a black sheep
You can’t, you won’t, you never will
I’m gonna show you what it takes to see the future
It’s hard but not impossible
You think you know, you don’t know

Two Door Cinema Club - Costume Party
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You would look a little better, don’t you know
If you just wore less make-up

Two Door Cinema Club - Eat That Up, It’s Good For You
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I never said I was an angel.
There’s a simple explanation for it all: It’s all my fault.

Emarosa - The Weight Of Love Blinds Eyes
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Lie here awake at night.
And I knew the cost,
And I’ll have no remorse,
And just like before, I’ll move on.
‘Cause it takes a while to stop waiting up
To get over the need…

Emarosa - Pretend.Relieve.Regret.
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Seeing past
It’s about time I asked for more
Watching my life, at the distance we have come
While I’ve bled, while I’ve learned..

Emarosa - A Toast To The Future Kids!
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