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Lives in São Paulo, Brasil. Nope. Speaks Portuguese, english and a little bit spanish. But, c'mon, Google Translator is right there.

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Dead Poetic - Paralytic

In this post: Dead Poetic  Paralytic  music  post-hardcore  video  

Nightwish - Storytime

In this post: Nightwish  Storytime  music  new  metal  video  

Emarosa - Heads Or Tails? Real Or Not?

In this post: Emarosa  heads or tails? real or not?  music  video  acoustic  

Emarosa - A Toast To The Future Kids! 

In this post: Emarosa  A Toast To The Future Kids!  music  video  

Halloween Light Show - Thriller (Michael Jackson)


In this post: thriller  halloween  michael jackson  MJ  music  pop  video  

Rush - Animate (Live)

In this post: rush  animate  live  rock  power trio  music  video  

Nightwish - Phantom Of The Opera (Live)

In this post: Nightwish  Phantom Of The Opera  End Of An Era  music  Symphonic  power  video  

Rush - Neil Peart Solo (A Show of Hands)

In this post: Rush  Neil Peart  Drum solo  drums  A Show Of Hands  video  rock  

Hollywood Undead - The Diary

In this post: hollywood undead  the diary  music  rapcore  video  

The Outfield - I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight

In this post: I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love  The Outfield  music  rock  80's  video  

Sum 41 - Open Your Eyes

In this post: Sum 41  Open Your Eyes  music  punk  rock  video  

Zebrahead - Anthem

In this post: Zebrahead  Anthem  punk  rock  music  video  Blink Who?  

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

In this post: Stereophonics  Maybe Tomorrow  music  rock  beautiful  video  

Toe - Goodbye (with Toki Asako)

In this post: Toe  Goodbye  Toki Asako  music  rock  beautiful  video  

I Fight Dragons - Money (Live)

Wait a little bit to judge it. The beginning it’s a little bad, but the second half just ROCKS. 

In this post: I Fight Dragons  Money  nerd  rock  rap  music  video  
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Thales Ribeiro. 19. Brazil. Mostly music.